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 March 19, 2015

The Truth About the Impact of Increasing the Minimum Wage Rate



To many people, it sounds very altruistic and compassionate to increase the minimum wage rate. But, is that actually correct? Numerous studies have been conducted that reveal some eye-opening facts in states that have increased the minimum wage.


Our March 19th speaker, Dr. John Garen, is well-versed on the truth about the impact of increasing the minimum wage rate. He is a nationally recognized economist who is a contributing writer to a number of top news publications, as well as being a popular speaker.


The Kentucky legislature has a bill currently before it to increase the minimum wage rate to $10.10 per hour in our state. This bill has already passed in the House and is now in the Senate. Be sure to rsvp today for this outstanding program, then call the toll-free legislative hotline at (800) 372-7181 to urge our state senators to study the facts on how many jobs have been lost (particularly among the lower skilled workers) in other states that have increased the minimum wage. Kentucky can ill-afford to lose any more jobs!


Sal’s meeting rooms in the Lansdowne Shopping Center on Tates Creek Road in Lexington


Send your reservation in by March 15 to: rsvp@wrock.ws 


When: 11:30 Registration, Program noon – 1:00 pm 


Sal’s Banquet Room (upstairs) (map)
 Lansdowne Shopping Center
3373 Tates Creek Rd, Lexington, KY 40502


Members $20; Guests $22


Pay Online Here.


Please advise if you would like a vegetarian meal. 



 January 8, 2015
Kelley Paul Was a Real “Hit” at WROCK

Our January WROCK meeting was “the place to be” for all freedom-loving people! If you attended the January 8th WROCK meeting at Sal’s when Kelly Paul, wife of U.S. Senator Rand Paul, spoke about her grandmother’s migration from Ireland to America in 1929, you were struck by two very important facts.


Her grandmother’s courage and resolve to escape a life of poverty and despair in Ireland gave her the strength as a very young girl to board a ship bound for an unknown land and never look back. Two important themes were at the heart of her brave journey into an unknown world: family and work.


Kelley so beautifully describes her grandmother’s life here as a maid for wealthy families in New York City. With a life of hard work also came a wonderful family of four children to raise. Even though her life was very harsh and our nation was experiencing high unemployment, Kelley’s grandmother was never too proud to work doing whatever it took to feed and clothe her family.


Never one to brag about how far she had come in her life in America, Kelley’s grandmother always loved to tell anyone who would listen just how successful and amazing her children and grandchildren were.


The two things that our nation most needs now are protection of families in America, as well as tens of millions more working Americans…working full-time, 40-hour jobs. It’s those two values that are so deeply rooted in the very fiber of our precious America.


Kelley’s new book about her grandmother and other incredible women in American history is due out in April. Thanks so much to Kelley Paul for coming to WROCK to share this inspiring story with us first-hand.


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